Memory of Nations Awards

Each year we organize the Memory of Nations Awards ceremony, where we present our award to people who showed that honor, freedom, and human dignity are not empty words. Since the first Memory of Nations Awards in 2010, a total of 56 witnesses have received this recognition from the hands of eminent personalities from Czech, Slovak or international society.

The laureates have included war veterans, political prisoners, resistance fighters, Holocaust survivors, persecuted authors, members of the underground culture, Boy Scouts, Christians, and many others.

In 2014 and 2019, on the 25th and 30th anniversary of the fall of Communism in Central Europe, we gave this award out internationally  – to significant resistance fighters from Poland, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The ceremony is traditionally broadcast live by Czech Television and Czech Radio, as well as by Slovak Television. In the case of the international Awards that took place in 2014 and 2019, we also cooperated with national broadcasters from Poland, Hungary and Germany.

Run for Memory of Nations

“We run for all those who didn’t give up,” claims the motto of the yearly Run for Memory of Nations. Since 2006, we have been telling the Stories of the 20th Century on radio (and later also on TV). The voices of war veterans, Holocaust survivors, political prisoners, and generally speaking of all those who did not  give up, reached out to the wider public. What can they inspire us to do? To persevere, to have endurance, to overcome our weaknesses. In a race, we only fight for the best time – they were fighting for their lives, their honor, and their freedom. The Run for Memory of Nations is accompanied by concerts and several educational and fun activities for the whole family. 

Sign up to run the next Run for Memory of Nations! To run with us, you do not actually have to be present in the Czech Republic. You can run for those who didn’t give up ANYWHERE (by selecting this variety in the registration process). Your registration fee will help us to keep on documenting the stories which should not be forgotten.

Veterans’ Day 

Veterans’ Day is celebrated throughout the world – mainly in English-speaking countries – on the 11th of November. It is symbolized by the red poppy, which is pinned to a person’s coat in honor of soldiers of the past. We would like to maintain this tradition in the Czech Republic as well.

More than 800 veterans have told their stories to the Memory of the Nations. Unfortunately,  WW2 veterans and resistance fighters are leaving us  in an ever increasing number, and their unique memories stay hidden to the public. Our Veterans’ Day collection allows us to document more of their stories while we still can.

Get your own poppy flower during the whole month of November from multiple places in the Czech Republic. Wear it as a symbol of respect for war veterans. Support the recording of their testimonies for the Memory of Nations.


Děkujeme všem, kteří nám pomáhají zaznamenat životní osudy pamětníků 20. století a vyprávět je dál.