International cooperation

  • Post Bellum wants to be part of a network of partner organizations within and without Europe, and is actively working to create and develop such a network. We bring together documentarians, historians, journalists and teachers in order to preserve peoples’ memories, develop critical thinking and support the values at the core of our society. Our goal is to expand this approach within Europe and beyond.
  • Our international collection, www.memoryofnations.eu, is one of the broadest open databases of witness testimonies and contains hundreds of recordings of foreign witnesses from tens of countries. We cooperate with documentarians from three continents, and our mobile studio heads out to record abroad both near and far. Recently we have visited Cuba, Germany, Austria, Israel, the USA and other countries.
  • Thanks to our regional branches around the Czech Republic we  carry out various concepts of cross-border collaboration with our neighbours. This helps people come to terms with their own history and fill in the trenches opened up by historical injustice.
  • We teach documentarians from Cuba and Myanmar and help processing and distributing their recordings of dissidents and political prisoners in order to foster democratization and civil society in general. We plan on expanding similar activities to Eastern Europe and other countries.


The Expelled Children – a comic book

Memory of Ukraine

The Development of Historical Memory of Belarus

Memory of Cuban Nation

Trabi 1989 – remembering the exodus of Eastern Germans through Prague

The Removed Memory of Šumava

Comic book Forced Labour under National Socialism published in Russian and German languages

The Removed Memory – expelled Germans share their stories

 We are the Memory – children remember holocaust through theatre performance

Memory of Myanmar

Training of the documentarists from Burma

Exhibition Yes/No

Stories of the 20th Century: Forced Labor in National Socialism

Twentieth Century in Memories of Czech Minority in Serbia

Romani Memory: Recollections of Roma from the Central European perspective

Wandering in the Cross-border Footprints of Czechoslovak and Polish dissidents

Silesia: The Memory of an Multi-ethnic Region

Behind Iron Curtain

Cross-border Routes (IVF project)



Děkujeme všem, kteří nám pomáhají zaznamenat životní osudy pamětníků 20. století a vyprávět je dál.