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We document the memories of the witnesses who survived the tragic events of the 20th century. We aim to share their stories with the public through educating the next generation. We also train teachers, organize exhibitions and public events, publish books and produce movies.

We are about to start working on our biggest exhibition ever! Please, help us create one of the biggest memorials of the Communist Era in Europe. Donate online at www.nastalina.cz.

To support our NGO in general, to help us continue with our activities, please see one of the ways to donate below:

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Card or Bank Transfer (this is where the link goes) –  This is the simplest form of gift. You are just a few clicks away from supporting us.

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One time Donation

Send a gift to our collection account 6700227/0100. If you are sending a gift for the first time, please email us at dar@postbellum.cz. We will issue you with a gift certificate for tax purposes.

Bank Information
Komerční banka, a. s., Štefánikova 22, 150 00 Praha 5

6700227/0100 – Collection account
IBAN CZ3901000000000006700227, BIC/SWIFT kód KOMBCZPPXXX

51-1707230277/0100 – Donations of individuals, legal entities, and subsidiaries
IBAN: CZ8001000000511707230277, BIC/SWIFT code: KOMBCZPP

43-5853660257/0100 – Donations to the Friends of the Memory of Nations Club
IBAN CZ6501000000435853660257, BIC/SWIFT code:KOMBCZPPXXX


Giving through Wills

By specifically writing us into your will and allocating us a donation, you will secure that our work will continue for a long time in the future. If you are considering writing us into your will, please email zavet@postbellum.cz.


Donate through Mail

If you do not have your own account, you can send a gift from a post office from any branch of the Czech Post. Our collection account number is 6700227/0100.


Klub přátel
Paměti národa

Potěšte své blízké a přispějte na natáčení osudů dalších pamětníků.
Darujte členství v Klubu přátel Paměti národa.

Paměť národa ’68

Patnáct různých svědectví, které mají jedno společné —
sovětskou okupaci a události s ní spojené.

Děkujeme všem, kteří nám pomáhají zaznamenat životní osudy pamětníků 20. století a vyprávět je dál.