We tell stories, document, educate and help beyond the borders of our country. We are part of an international network of partner organizations that share the same values and goals. Together we grow and inspire each other. We are expanding the international parts of the archive, documenting and helping in countries where totalitarian regimes

continue to rule in the 21st century. Our international Memory of Nations collection is one of the most extensive open databases of eyewitness testimonies and contains hundreds of recordings of foreign eyewitnesses alongside thousands of Czech testimonies translated into English.


Thanks to our regional offices across the Czech Republic, we cooperate in our country, and with our closest neighbours (Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Austria) to help people come to terms with history and bury the trenches that have opened up as a result of historical injustices.

Educating, Publishing and Narrating

Our projects have a natural educational effect, some of them are published both in print and online. We also collaborate with schools and educational institutions to educate future generations for memory work. We aim to publish forgotten life experiences in the form of exhibitions, comics, media outputs, etc.

Human rights projects

Human rights projects are an important part of our activities. Memory and Conscience of a Nation is a subsection of the international section of the archive and collects oral history interviews with former political prisoners and human rights defenders around the world.

International spreading

A key element for successful international cooperation and project implementation is a stable working partner. That is why we have launched Post Bellum / Memory of Nations branches not only in the Czech Republic and its border areas, but also fully abroad.




It is with great emotion, after 24 February 2022, that we have been watching our Ukrainian friends defend their homeland. We have launched a fundraising campaign for providing necessary equipment for Ukraine’s defenders. The donations have allowed us to buy equipment that saves lives and increases their safety.