Memory of our Nations – Never forget our totalitarian heritage

Currently the recent history of our nations is not very well explained to the youngest generations. ‚Memorizing‘ methods, reading textbooks are rather used. Youngsters then rarely understand the conditions of totalitarian regimes as they even cannot remember it. We realise this can be changed only if this past was better introduced to them.

We are convinced that there’s no better method than to listen and watch the actors of that history and – even more – to try to ‚play‘ the roles of these actors as if they were in those often difficult or even family / life threatening situations. The Czech Post Bellum has started creation of so called ‚Memory of Nation Institutes‘ in Czech and Moravian regions/cities as permanent places to allow regular recording witnesses, creating permanent but content changeable expositions, systematic educating young people on the past in these premises with use of the expositions and centres for meeting the young people with the witnesses/seniors and helping them, too. The content of them is based both on the regional past we have recorded (actually +10.000 various, mostly Czech, Slovak but also Polish, Hungarian and other witnesses). But we need to realise we have to widen the perspective of the Institutes (and similar partners‘ premises) to the Central European and even global perspective – to be ‚glocal‘.

To do so, the testimonies have to be adapted to the expositions given in each country/partner. The same applies to our education programmes/workshops. The expositions and education programmes will substantially help the teachers better educate young people on our past on not only national but a wider level. Therefore we need to, first of all, widen the collection of testimonies in each country by those people, when – ideally – played key roles in attempts to ‚soften/change‘ the totalitarian regimes or even in destroying the communist regimes in our countries.

Based on these and previously recorded strong life stories, we may prepare a specific exposition, which will clearly explain the history of our countries not only in specifically national but wider, international (in this case future Visegrad) level. And, based on the exposition made by each partner in its own way (as not all of them are having necessary premises) a specific education programme/workshop can be made to show our common totalitarian history to young students so they will almost feel as if they were those witnesses themselves. These workshops will be tested so they could be used after the project implementation, too. We will also exchange our experiences on how to ‚expose‘ our past to young people (methods, tools etc.) so they can much better understand the main message of our effort – please never forget this past, which may easily come back again if we ignore either the signals in words of current and or future politicians, if we forget how our parents and/or, grandparents suffered under such totalitarian regime.

The project shall be implemented from November 2021 to April 2023 also thanks to generous financial support of the International Visegrad Fund (24.000 €).


Project partners
The project shall be implemented in cooperation with our Slovak, Polish and Hungarian partners, namely:


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